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"My name is Broc Everett, I was the 2018 NCAA Division 1 National Champion and am currently a member of the Korn Ferry Tour.  When I came to school back in 2013, I wasn't much of a golfer, as I'm sure Drew could attest to.  I could hardly break par and, as a Division 1 golfer, that doesn't quite make the cut.  During my redshirt year, I worked with Drew regularly, working on my game and following his instructions consistently.  He was able to make understanding the golf swing easy and it became apparent to me that his knowledge of the swing was elite in every sense of the word.  As we continually worked and communicated, I soon was starting in every tournament for the next 4 years at Augusta State University, earning First Team All-American honors and having the 2nd lowest scoring average in school history.  Drew was an absolutely integral part of how I was able to accomplish what I have, and I'm very thankful I was able to find someone so knowledgeable so early in my career.  I can guarantee he can take your game to the next level, no matter your skill level. "

Broc Everett, 2018 NCAA Division 1 National Champion, Korn Ferry Tour Member, Augusta State Alum

"Drew has transformed my game...I began working with him in the summer of 2020 really struggling with my swing and game.  I have worked closely with him since and slowly transitioned into the golfer I am today.  The fall was a process of working towards what we wanted my swing and game to feel like.  Since the start of December of 2020, I have not finished worse than T20 in a tournament and I have been in contention for most of 2021 picking up one win along the way.  I can't say enough great things about Drew as a person as well as a swing instructor."

Kolton Lapa, Mackenzie Tour Golf Professional , University of Arizona Alum




"I cannot express how much Drew means to me not only as my swing coach but as a friend.  I truly believe he's going to be one of the best coaches in the world, because he's the best demonstrator and explainer of why the club is moving the way it is.  I know that I'm going to reach incredible heights because I have the best Coach right besides me. " 

Hays Moreland, Mackenzie Tour Golf Professional


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